After sales service is a challenging needle to thread. Few companies truly excel here. For the few who do, though, it pays dividends.


The name Nivachron seems to play a bit off of Rolex’s Parachrom, which boasts similar properties. However, the “chrom” in Parachrom is a nod to the spring’s deep blue colour, while the “chron” in Nivachron is a nod to time.


In distinguishing between precision & accuracy: It is possible to be precisely wrong. It is not possible to be accurately wrong.


The NAWCC museum has an open position to fill the role of their new Hamilton Watch Collections Research Fellow & Project Archivist. If that sounds up your alley, email


Watchmakers: What material is your floor made of? Or what material would you ideally like the floor of your shop to be made of?


(So as not to propogate poor practice, the work here isn’t done yet, I just enjoyed the way the light was hitting the drops of oil. Still requires a little more lubricant to ensure good, consistent timekeeping through to the next service interval.)