Beyond Ken Kocienda's Solar face that shipped with the original Apple Watch, Geoff McFetridge's Artist face is one of the first to truly begin to explore the boundary pushing potential of the device
The first time that the thought of a constantly evolving watch face ever crossed my mind occurred while touring a small exhibit of digital works at the British Museum back in 2004, coincidentally, the exhibit also included a profile on Jony Ive & some of his design work for Apple up to that point


After sales service is a challenging needle to thread. Few companies truly excel here. For the few who do, though, it pays dividends.


The name Nivachron seems to play a bit off of Rolex’s Parachrom, which boasts similar properties. However, the “chrom” in Parachrom is a nod to the spring’s deep blue colour, while the “chron” in Nivachron is a nod to time.


In distinguishing between precision & accuracy: It is possible to be precisely wrong. It is not possible to be accurately wrong.