The debut timepiece from Simon Brette features a dovetail, in rose gold, as an homage to his father's craft of carpentry. Although the dovetail itself isn't functional in this particular case, it does have me wondering how viable something like a clevis pin would be to aid in sealing a watch case in a manner similar to the way that boosters for rocket engines are hermetically sealed.

While the Chronom├Ętre Artisans is not physically made by Brette himself, he has clearly made no shortage of use of the machining talent and the craftsmanship of the artisans he's worked with over the years through his efforts behind the scenes at MB&F and Chronode.

By all accounts, the initial run of 12 prototypes of the Chronom├Ętre Artisans will be better made than most mechanical timepieces on the market today.

Image credit Simon Brette