Danièla Dufour's Simplicity

Started when Philippe Dufour's daughter, Danièla Dufour, began her watchmaking journey as an apprentice, at the age of 15, and completed entirely by her over the ensuing 5 years, Mark Kauzlarich provides a rare look at the first Dufour Simplicity not crafted by the grandmaster himself.

While the finished work is, in and of itself, a laudable and impressive achievement, Danièla remains humble and even-keeled:

I think there's still so much to experience and so much to learn. I will have to continue to be curious because, for me, curiosity is such an important quality in watchmaking. Some day I want to have a watch under my own name, a brand under my own name. But until then, I'll keep working to learn and grow.

Image credit Mark Kauzlarich for Hodinkee