A Puzzle of Fun

The Rolex Day-Date Emoji, featuring the words “Happy”, “Eternity”, “Gratitude”, “Peace”, “Faith”, “Love”, and “Hope” in place of the days of the week, alongside 31 emoji standing in for each day of the month.

Fittingly, they chose to showcase it with their take on a heart emoji in the date window. While I've never applied one to a Rolex, a heart on the date wheel in lieu of a significant date is something I and, no doubt, other watchmakers have done from time to time for clients as a personalized and ongoing memento of a special occasion.

To the watch technician taking this timepiece in for service 50 years from now: Yes. It is a real Rolex Day-Date, with no aftermarket alterations. Rolex did, well and truly, release this timepiece exactly as you see it—with neither day nor date—on the 27th of March 2023.

Image credit JVA Studios for Rolex SA