You Can Bank on Swithinbank

Having forecasted a Swatch × Blancpain collaboration of the 50 Fathoms on the heels of the Moonswatch over a year ago in the New York Times—despite Omega's Gregory Kissling demurring—Robin Swithinbank was right on the money.

In lieu of cosmic bodies, this new collaboration draws inspiration from Earth's oceans, along with a few subtle nods to the heritage of Blancpain's 50 Fathoms.

Taking a page out of Vianney Halter's playbook, the transparent oscillating mass is a characteristically fun touch.

While not a piece I'll be shelling out for, the Antarctic variation is my favourite of the bunch. Coincidentally, its white Bioceramic case seems particularly apropos for a watch whose namesake brand translates "white bread".

Image credit Swatch Ltd.