"Want Products Can Go Places Need Products Never Will"

Eric Barnes distills the five key lessons he learned over the three years that he and Paul Shustak developed and brought to market the distinctive Kor One water bottle:

  1. Have a Fresh Perspective
  2. Identify Needs, Build Desire
  3. Find and Surround Yourself With the Right Partners
  4. Follow Through on the Execution
  5. Don't Neglect Branding

Expounding a bit on that last point:

Nurturing and codifying a brand gives you a much broader creative canvas. A brand is not concrete, so you’re free to develop it and move around over time. It’s an unfinished story but gives both you and your users space to hold together. And certainly, in a world that has everything but is starved for meaning, a powerful brand behind your product can transcend the direct functional purpose and become part of your user’s story.

Image credit Kor Water