Leery on NFTs

Kevin O'Leary sits down to talk watches with David Lin.

I've seen this interview making the rounds. While there are nuggets of truth in here, this interview is rife with misinformation. When it comes to the watches, the errors are ultimately inconsequential. Of greater concern is those with deep enough pockets to be investing in this echelon of timepieces being duped out of serious coin on NFTs for the secondary watch market. I know enough about the underlying tech behind blockchains, camera sensors, and machine learning—not to mention authenticating watches—to state flat out that what he is intent on selling doesn't hold water.

UPDATE: O'Leary also announced his intention to create and sell NFTs for the secondary watch market at Watch Week in Dubai. In his announcement he stated that he had the backing of the Horological Society of New York. I have it on good authority from multiple officers of the HSNY that this claim is unfounded.